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08/12/10 09:49 PM #1    

Bonnie Hillstead (Norton)

Dear Robert and entire Reunion Committee

Since the reunion is tomorrow,  I've been playing around on our web site.  This is remarkable, exceptional,  phenomenal !

Thank you so very much for all  your  hard work. 


Bonnie Hillstead Norton

08/14/10 12:04 AM #2    

Sandra Jo Lingwall (Carpenter-Nordhagen)

Wow!!!  What a very special treat!  My head's still spinning with new faces to old names and old faces renewed.  The memories keep flooding back.  How delightful!  Kudos to all those who have worked so hard to make tonight's Reunion Picnic so memorable.  My personal "Thanks" to Robert Brey, Bethany Stewart, Janice Clark, Dale Inkley, Gayland Johnson and all those of you behind the scenes working so diligently to make this reuniting so successful and so precious to us all.  


Sandi Jo Lingwall Carpenter-Nordhagen

08/19/10 10:49 PM #3    

Earlene Lefevre (Henderson)

Words can not express  how grateful I am to all those who are responsible for the great and successful reunion we had.  I am forever grateful to have been in attendence at the fun picnic on Friday, and the fabulous dinner on Saturday.  I look forward to our next meeting in five years.  Thanks to all the commitee and their spouses and helpers.


                                 Earlene L. Henderson

          On South High!!!!

08/27/10 10:52 PM #4    


Warner Woodworth

Bob and Becky, as well as all who helped plan the reunion. Hats off to each of you! It was fun to see and meet up with so many old friends. Let me reaffirm my willingness to help fund the continuation of the alumni website you launched. Just tell me how much you need and where to send a check. We definitely should not drop it and start over in a few years.

Allow me to also again offer my time and skills in planning the next reunion which I feel should be in 5 years, not ten.

Sorry I couldn't stay until the end of the banquet, but my son and I needed to finish packing in order to head out to Haiti the next morning. Now I'm back and able to report it was a phenomenal experience. In all my years working in some 34 nations, I never tire of holding baby orphans in my arms. In Port-au-Prince at Mother Teresa's orphanage for malnutritioned babies, when I picked up a tiny little waif I looked deep into her hollow little eyes and knew exactly what it is like to be God.

08/31/10 03:57 PM #5    


Trudi Ivie (Reed)

I just want to add my  "voice" to the others who have proclaimed our 50 TH high school reunion a wonderful success!

It was all so well planned and executed that it seemed effortless...but I know how much time and work went into making it such a perfect experience. I thank you all who participated in making it happen.

It's quite amazing to feel high school pride after 50 years and so much life has gone by, but I truly did feel that old South High Spirit again, and it was very special.




09/10/10 03:01 PM #6    


Robert H Brey

Thanks to so many of you who have expressed your thanks for the reunion.  Those comments certainly make it all worthwhile.  We will be in touch shortly about follow up after the reunion.

Robert, Becky, Bethany and the committee.

09/21/10 12:21 AM #7    


Julie Ann Earl (Larson)

I was not able to attend the reunion, but pictured all of you having a great time.  Today, the DVD that Lillian worked so hard on came.  What a fun couple of hours I spent watching all of you enjoying some fun times together.  Lillian thanks for your creative skills.    Thanks to Robert and Becky, and all who put forth their time and money to make the reunion a memorable one.  I hope to be able to attend in 5 years.  On South High!!!!    Julie (Earl) Larson

10/10/10 09:02 PM #8    


Barbara Gene Litster (McQuarrie)

Many of you know that I was reluctant to attend the reunion, but I am ever so glad I did.  Although most of us have changed, inside we are still South High Cubs!!!

I send my deepest thanks to all of the committee.  You'all did a wonderful job. 

Lillian, thank you for the DVD.  I just watched it last night (been too busy going to college).  You did a terrific job. 

Barbara Gene Litster McQuarrie

Dallas, Texas 




10/24/10 07:19 PM #9    


Warner Woodworth

From Warner Woodworth, Class of '60: Many of you Cubs at the reunion asked me about getting involved in global work to improve the world. So here's my personal invitation to all who may be interested: What: “NGOs: Surviving and Thriving in Times of Economic Recession;” Who: 50-plus social innovators as presenters, leaders doing international development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, & USA; Why: To share best practices, learn new visions for change, gain innovative methods for coping during the current economic recession, re-energize our work to change the world, organize a new global NGO network; When: Nov. 18-19, 2010; Where: BYU; Cost: Free; Participants: Some 300 global movers & shakers; Mark the date now!

11/24/10 03:32 PM #10    


Taylor T Williams

Happy Birthday Bob! You're only 69 once!  Again; Thank you so much for the work you put in planning and organizing our reunion.

Taylor Williams

10/07/12 04:00 PM #11    


Steve Kattar

I wished I could have been at the reunion.  I plan on attending the next one!  




Steve Kattar

07/23/15 12:07 PM #12    


Warner Woodworth

Lookin' forward to our  upcoming 55th reunion events, both at Sugar House Park and at our beautiful old South High School, August 20-21, 2015....

08/23/15 03:35 PM #13    


Jack Wright

On south high...thanks to all I had a blast. I can't get the school song out of my mind. Over and over again I keep mouthing the words..chuckle chuckle Jack W

08/23/15 05:20 PM #14    


Byron Marchant


So Jack,


Are you ready yet for the South60 60th in 2020?




08/23/15 07:56 PM #15    


Alvin Webb

Our 55th South High Reunion is now history. I've got to give a great big THANKS for all of the "hard work" you accomplished as a group.

Dr. Robert Brey has to be complimented for us singing of our national anthem, and the beautiful prayer for the deceased members, blessing of the food. It takes great faith since we are in this POLITICAL CORRECTNESS crapola.

Dennis Stirling, Ole Blue Eyes has nothing over your singing of I'LL DO IT MY WAY, extremely well done. Hat's off to you friend.

Dale Myberg, the best darn yo-yo expert around. Extremely well done Dale. Then it hit me, we're all over 70, EXTREMELY well done Dale.

Lillian (Yano) Clark put the entire show together and good Ole Dale Inkley did a wonderful job at the mike.

I knew I'd do ole brain went blank, forgetting the "others" in the show. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the "best" reunion we have ever had.

Thanks too for all of you that signed 2015 in my 55 year old yearbook, THE SOUTHERNER!  And thanks to all of you that shook my hand which helped me in "remembering" you.

Alvin & Jane Webb



08/24/15 01:58 PM #16    


Taylor T Williams

Kudos to those who planned and organized our reunion. It was special to visit with my "old" classmates! My only criticism was the hapless performance of those silly Hula dancers. They seemed totally out of step!

08/25/15 03:15 PM #17    


Brian Lloyd Gibbons


Thanks again to those who worked so hard  to make the 55th such a success. My wife commented on how she thought that every one there was such a part of a big family whose friendships dont seem to change with time.  I couldnt agree more. I'm proud of being a South High Cub. Even though I didnt know every one there during my high school days, every one was extremely friendly and iI was just like family. Looking forward to the next reunion to see my old friends and the new ones I met this time around. God bless everyone and good health to all.



08/30/15 08:11 PM #18    


Dennis Stirling

The 55th reunion is now history and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had of renewing friendships and developing new friendships which I wish I had made in high school.  We have a very special graduating class and I have a special place in my heart for all of you.  Thanky you Bob, Warner, Bethaney, Lillian, and others for not only making  this 55th reunion a success but also for giving us a forum to communicate with one another.  I have not used this forum very much in the past but I will do so in the future.  To all of you South High Cubs I wish the very best and good health.


Dennis Stirling

09/02/15 12:32 PM #19    


Warner Woodworth

What a fun reunion for our 55th! I appreciate the hard work of our class leaders over the past year in planning and preparing everything. Thursday, the Sugarhouse Park potluck was good as we informally met, ate, and had lots of time to visit. Then the formal event on Friday at dear old South High was exceptional. An entertaining, at times hilarious, program, great food, and more visiting, made it a wonderful evening. Thanks to the core group who dedicated their services, gave of their time, money and energy to making a happy 55th. I hope you each know how much you are appreciated. Thanks, Cubs!

10/03/15 10:35 AM #20    


Julie Ann Earl (Larson)

Just took a memory walk with the pictures from the 55th reunion.  Thank you to everyone who attended, and planned and participated.  Thanks for this website and those who keep it for us.  Good place to go when you want to remember wonderful friends from long ago.   The pictures and video are such a gift.  Thank you everyone.

Julie Earl Larson

10/03/15 12:49 PM #21    


Byron Marchant


Yes, yes and yes. Not having attended, it was really special to get all those photos from Bob and, of course, the videos (again) from Lillian and Carl.

And now, after trying to digest everything, my thoughs go out not only to the magnificent past but; where are all our others, those special friends who didn't attend and are somewhere out there (lost but not forgotten)? It will be fun trying to make connections between now and South60 in 2020.

Kudos to all the hard working committee members and everyone else who helped make this 55th Reunion so special even for me, and those others like me, who were unable to attend. Job well done. Hope to see y'all next time.


08/23/19 01:31 PM #22    


Gordon Jones (Jones)

I attended Highland's 60th Reunion last week (my wife graduated in that first class), and it got me excited about a possible 60th for us. I hope preparations are underway. Happy to help.



08/24/19 12:02 PM #23    


Byron Marchant


Sure, let's have a 59th and 60th. Why not?


01/20/20 12:38 AM #24    

Carolyn Held (Lamb)

Does anyone know if you still can donate South High year books?  Thanks so much.Carolyn A. Held Lamb

01/20/20 12:35 PM #25    


Byron Marchant

Carolyn, that's a great question. I have six South High School (Salt Lake City) Yearbooks, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963 and a couple somewhere, if I can find them, from Lincoln Jr. High prior to that. Someone, somewhere, should be interested in putting online all the yearbooks in the known world and make them available on the Internet to the public for free. I suppose they would need to do a little commercial advertising to make it pay. Doesn't Salt Lake Community College (at South High, where the swimming pool was formerly located) teach classes for doing just that? Good luck. And Carolyn, it's always refreshing to see your face and comments here, as you and I go back a long time, clear to the old, now torn down, Liberty School on 3rd East. It and Lincoln (at 13th South and State) are no longer around except as memories but, as they say, one out of three ain't bad. Best wishes.

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